Chapter 11 Test


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1. The change in perceived pitch due to motion of blood cells is called
2. The type of Doppler that will not alias is referred to as a:
3. A received frequency that is higher than the transmitted frequency is called a
4. A Doppler transmitting a pulsed signal into a vessel at 10 MHz and receiving signals back at 10.005 MHz creates a:
5. In order to convert frequency to velocity, what must be known:
6. In the Doppler formula, the letter ā€œcā€ represents the:
7. What is the optimal Doppler angle to obtain in peripheral vascular imaging:
8. Aliasing occurs in pulsed Doppler when the detected Doppler shift
9. All the following limit aliasing as shown on the spectral display except:
10. A drawback of a CW Doppler is that it: