Chapter 13 Test




1. Artifacts can commonly be associated with or as a result of all of the following except:

2. A series of evenly spaced echoes that are seen within tissue is referred as a:

3. The artifact of two reflectors being superimposed upon each other is referred to as:

4. Two small reflectors on a lateral plane seen as one large reflector is referred to as a:

5. An ultrasound wave bouncing between two strong reflectors on the same plane that delays its return is called a:

6. Grating lobes may occur in:

7. Side lobes occur in:

8. Shadowing likely occurs when:

9. A fluid filled cyst which appears to have structures within it when no such structures are present is an example of which type of artifact:

10. Which is the artifact produced by small microbubbles of air in the tissue: