Ultrasound Tech

Why take Ultrasound Physics 101?

Most medical facilities require sonographers to be registered in order to perform ultrasound examinations.  However, there is a significant and often daunting segment of the registry examination referred to as ultrasound physics. This portion of the exam offered by both ARDMS and CCI is challenging to many students, and the failure rate has been reported as high as 50%.

Our mission is to help train more competent diagnostic sonographers, and to assist students in successfully passing the physics portion of their registry examination.


How it Works

It is clear that students learn from didactic lectures and that is bolstered by dynamic hands-on training in the lab and clinical sites. However, the ability to comprehend concepts of physical principles- such as beam forming, calculation of wavelengths and frequency, or the ability to explain the role of cardiovascular hemodynamics- may be lost in the static world of lectures, white boards and textbooks. Our series of narrated and animated videos explain and demonstrate the dynamic integration of sound and human tissue so you can visualize and absorb the essentials of ultrasound physics.



Ultrasound Physics 101 creators Professor Terrence Case and Dr. Ann Marie Kupinski have over 60 years of combined experience in diagnostic ultrasound, physics teaching and physiologic testing. Together, they have created this proven course that makes understanding ultrasound physics simpler and ensures students pass this portion of their examination. Don’t hesitate to contact them with your questions about the course.